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Board Of Directors

Board Of Directors

Delta Offshore International operates as one entity and through a flow of communication, interaction and motivation; we craft businesses from an air of brainstormed ideas, followed by market studies and financial modeling.

Delta offshore international Board of Directors is comprised of some of the most distinguished public and private sector business leaders.

Mumtaz Ahmed

Chairman/CEO of Delta Offshore International

Delgado Barrera

Vice Chairman

Shakov Roman

Head of Capital Market / Managing Director

Ahmed Hamza Abdelrehim Hamza.

Human Resource Manager, Director of Corporate Communications

Taazibt Samir

Director / Head of Project Review Panel

Hadji-Ghasseni Davood

Director Of Loans & Investments

Emad Baher Hassan Ahmed

Chief Operating Officer

Donald Macpherson

Chief Financial Officer

Lewis Morgan

Head of Capital Market

Fabian Oliver Rudolf Alois

Head of Business Analysis and Management